Supply Chain & Distribution

MYOB Greentree enables the efficient management of your sales order and purchasing functions with full on-line integration to the inventory management system. Greentree’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite of modules assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery, is achievable.

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Greentree’s Inventory module will provide you with the information required for efficient stock management. This module allows on-screen and report based analyses to ensure you have easy access to all required information.

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Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders module will track your supplier commitments as they are made, ensuring optimum cash flow levels and reducing the potential for disputes over supplier invoices. Prices that are quoted at the time of ordering can be automatically compared with supplier invoices and quantities received can be checked against receipts.

Sales Orders

The Sales Orders module automatically allocates stock to orders as they are entered, and provides complete management of the picking, packing and distribution process, allowing you a clear focus on customer service levels. Stock is automatically allocated as orders are entered, and On-screen management of your customer credit and stock back-ordering will ensure the potential for lost revenue is minimised.

Supply Chain

Meeting demanding lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels can present immense challenges to purchasing and logistic departments not equipped with the best tools available. Greentree’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) module assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery, is achievable.

Quality Control

Have you ever had to return an item to the manufacturer or retail outlet because it was faulty, damaged or outright broken? To enable distribution and manufacturing oriented businesses to avoid such a situation, Greentree’s Quality Control module will help you automate the quality control processes and tests for serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory items as well as for non-inventory items such as environmental or laboratory metrics.

Foreign Currency

International price lists can be created and maintained in the currencies of your customers. Alternatively, overseas prices can be calculated during order or invoice entry, based on domestic prices and current exchange rates.

International trading is made easy with Greentree’s multi-currency facility, supporting foreign currency General Ledger accounts as well as international bank accounts, assets tracked in a foreign value, foreign currency customers and suppliers and transactions. Your foreign exchange exposure may be reported via unrealised gains/losses reports at any time and realised variances are automatically calculated and tracked.